European Guarding & Security Services Co.

European Guarding & Security Services co. is one of Qatar’s leading security solutions groups, which specializes in secure outsourcing where security and safety risks are considered a strategic threat. We are a leading and distinguished organization providing various kinds of security solutions, and provide our clients with integrate security services under a very precise management that works hard to safeguard the assets and properties from any damage that may occur, maintaining a more secure environment.
We have dealings with all the county industries, whether governmental, civil or personal, we play an important role in the community and have a wide experience in this field.



Services :

European Guarding & Security Services co. its fixed and distinguished 24 hour services to all installations.The company provides appropriate security and suitable preventive systems in order to avoid potential threats and risks.The company further develops suitable processes and procedures that ensure the protection of both installations and their staff, through raising the security awareness of its clients.

We have guards trained in how to use guarding technologies, such as surveillance cameras, search tools, metal detectors, and the use of computers connected to the surveillance camera network and alarm and fire devices.

European Guarding & Security Services co. set up a center specialized in the educating and training guards and developing their abilities in the field of installation protection, civil defense, first aid security awareness and guidance, in order to graduate a new generation of guard who are capable of meeting security requirements.

Devices and Equipments :

The European Guarding & Security Services co. provides all necessary security devices and equipment to satisfy the different needs. We own the latest equipment made available by guarding technologies, such as wired and radio communication devices, and visible surveillance system, comprising cameras motion sensor.

We also have electronic security gates, metal detectors, lighting, etc…

European Guarding & Security Services co. also implements insurance of the sites under contract with the company. (Professional Liability Insurance).

Contact Details

Office number 17, 6th Floor, Entrance A, Bin Jeham Al Kuwari Building, Al Sadd Street, P.O Box 96493 Doha, State of Qatar

Tel: 44420492
Fax: 44420266
Cotrol Room: 55903150

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